AMA 50th Anniversary Celebration

Annual Business Meeting

Endowment Report – Allyn Lord

30 March 2016

Since our AMA has just now turned fifty,

our future seems bright, but we still need to be thrifty.

For financial stability, the board then addressed

an endowment proposal brought by Jama Best.

We'll build up our money into perpetuity

and we'll set up a policy so there's no ambiguity.

The interest can be used to help AMA

for programs or scholarships or to hold off doomsday.

Supported by Pate and the rest of the board,

a committee was formed that was chaired by a lord.

Three board members – Williams and Goza and Best,

then Lawson and McAteer answered the request.

And finally Jim Metzger rounded out the committee

which met and discussed here in Little Rock city.

Metzer really stepped up, audited AMA gratis,

then Pate asked for feedback on the policy status.

With your help we made tweaks, then a vote called by Pate

was put out to the membership – and your answer was great.

You said yes to an endowment and without hesitation

we contacted the Arkansas Community Foundation.

With ten thousand dollars and a will to survive

we contracted with ACF on January 25.

The easy party's done, now it's time to attack

and build the endowment so we don't have to look back.

So give out of generosity, and get friends to give, too.

And with this now reported, I bid you adieu.

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