Is your institution interested in hosting the Annual AMA Meeting? We would love to hear from you.

We are currently accepting bids for 2020 through 2021. Typically, we book in order of dates. Our RFP is coming soon.

There are several benefits to hosting the annual meeting for the local institutions, local community and AMA.

The benefits to local museums, their staff, trustees, volunteers and stakeholders in hosting:

  • Hosting the annual meeting raises the visibility and improves the reputation of your institution – within the local community and state;with local elected officials and government entities;with other institutions throughout the state; and among the dozens of organizations that also participate in the annual meeting.
  • Hosting provides the opportunity for a large number of your staff, trustees, volunteers, and stakeholders to attend with very little impact on the institution’s travel budget.Host volunteers also gain valuable leadership skills and experiences
  • Hosting provides an opportunity for local participants to expand their professional networks, gain exposure in the field, and advance their professional development.
  • The museum director and senior officials such as trustees have the opportunity to welcome and address the attendees. The process of preparing these remarks often serves to deepen your institution’s understanding and appreciation of museums.
  • Hosting the annual meeting is an opportunity for your institution to support and advance the museum field within your state and region.
  • The annual meeting provides an economic impact when museum gift stores are made available to attendees.

Benefits to the local community:

  • The annual meeting provides an economic impact to the community through transactions at hotels, restaurants/caters, shopping, and stay-over vacationers.
  • The mayor (or other elected official) has the opportunity to welcome and address attendees. As with your director, this experience often deepens that official’s understanding and appreciation of museums in their community.
  • The raised awareness and increased profile of the community has long term impacts on future tourism.
  • Professional development received by local museums impacts the local community through improved services delivered to the community.


Benefits to Arkansas Museums Association and the state museum community:

  • The annual meeting strengthens bonds between the association and host institutions.
  • Attendees benefit from increased awareness of local museums, activities, and institutions in the host community.
  • The annual meeting provides vital training for best practices.
  • The annual meeting provides inspiration to museums professionals by seeing first-hand the work of colleagues in other communities.

If you have any questions regarding AMA, please contact:

Arkansas Museums Association
P. O. Box 3292
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203


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